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Sheridan Rec Fund

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Sheridan Recreation Foundation

The Sheridan Recreation Fund was created to promote the mission of the Sheridan Recreation District:

“To enhance the quality of life in our community by providing innovative and safe recreational opportunities.”



  • Help fund projects that will enhance the facilities and programs offered by Sheridan Recreation District
  • To increase the quality and quantity of youth programs in the Sheridan area.
  • To broaden the scope of services provided to Sheridan Community


Tax Deductible

The Sheridan Recreation Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)3. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.


Memorial Tree Donation

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Trees are an excellent living memorial and a means to beautify Sheridan. Trees are available for purchase from the Recreation District. In addition to the tree purchase, a maintenance fee will apply.

Donors will be recognized with a letter of appreciation and the opportunity to be present as the tree is planted.

Donations may also be given for replacing trees or shrubs that did not survive in our park system or for future plantings at locations to be determined by the Rec District. These donations will be used as needed to replace and plant trees, enhancing the beauty of our park system. We ask for a minimum $400.00 donation for this program.

Bench Dedication Program

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​Benches are an outstanding memorial that can make a park more practical and attractive!

Donors will be recognized with a letter of appreciation and the opportunity to be present as the bench is put in place. The bench can be engraved to be personalized. The Recreation District will work with the party in locating an appropriate location. We ask for a minimum donation of $1000.00 for this program.



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Youth Scholarship Program 

We aim to minimize the barriers these youth experience due to family financial constraints. Participation in recreational programming can offer participants a temporary release from their problems and a chance to learn teamwork while also developing self-confidence and other skills that prove critical as they transition into adulthood.

Contributing to the Sheridan Recreation Foundation will help subsidize the scholarships required for children to attend the excellent classes and programs our Recreation Department offers.

Recreation activities can range from swim lessons, basketball, baseball, tackle, and flag football to tumbling, outdoor recreational programs, and camps.

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